Lea's Works

The art presented to you is a unique art with 23 carat gold leaves. The gold is integrated into the various texts and ornaments with the creative thought of following the Jewish text and placing it in its honorable place.

Parchment Works - These works made on the parchment reflect authentic and connect the viewer to the pure roots. The parchment symbolizes for many the tradition or the originality, and on the other hand, the winning combination can be seen between the ancient, somewhat mysterious fragrance, and the new and modern. These works cleverly combine the two and each viewer finds their own vision, as "art is in the eye of the beholder".

Oil Paintings - Lea's oil paintings on canvas area adorned with text presented in 3-carat gold-plated 3D layers. Preparing the text with gold is a technique that requires special and precise skill. Lea Cohen Arazi specializes in the combination of gold leaf in art and the triangle 'text-oil on canvas-gold' is her unique concept.